October 22, 2018

Initiative to Alleviate Hunger Reports Year-End Yield

PURCELLVILLE, Va. – Loudoun Hunger Relief will pick up the season’s final crop of produce grown at The JK Community Farm, a nonprofit started this year by JK Moving Services to help alleviate hunger in the community. The final season harvest caps off a great start for the new charitable initiative with donations topping 30,000 pounds of chemical free produce and an expected 24,000 pounds of protein (by year’s end). The donation is valued at nearly $240,000 and is helping provide nourishment for thousands. Mother/son volunteer teams from Ashburn’s Young Men’s Service League will be clearing the fields in preparation for the winter and will help load Loudoun Hunger Relief’s refrigerated van with the last of the season’s vegetables. The Farm’s purpose is to have a lasting and healthy impact on struggling families in the Loudoun community and beyond while providing training, volunteer opportunities and more.

Saturday, October 27, 10-11am

JK Community Farm
35516 Paxson Road
Purcellville, Virginia

Interested in making a sustainable charitable investment, the Kuhn family learned that local food banks needed a pipeline for healthy, fresh foods. The family purchased farm land in Purcellville—and put it in conservation easement—and with seed money from JK Moving, started the JK Community Farm—a separate 501c3. The Farm is growing and harvesting crops and livestock and donating them to Loudoun Hunger Relief, which serves as the distribution partner to the community and other nonprofits. Initially, four acres were used to grow more than 16 types of vegetables including sweet potatoes, potatoes, lettuce, corn, kale, and more. Next year seven acres will be used to grow. Beyond producing food, JK Farm envisions becoming a destination for workforce training, volunteering and field trips; a venue to educate people about cooking, gardening, and nutrition; and an environmental oasis. In the coming years, the company and family will continue investing in the farm but will also rely on time and funds from business and community partners to help the farm reach its full potential.

To cover the final harvest donation, please contact Shawn Flaherty at 703-554-3609.