Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-11T15:12:47-05:00
How do I become a volunteer?2021-02-18T12:53:48-05:00

All groups interested in volunteering should fill out a Group Volunteer Interest Form and a staff member will respond to your request to help you schedule. All Individual volunteers can sign up here.

Who can volunteer?2021-02-18T12:54:46-05:00

The JK Community Farm welcomes volunteers of all ages. We have hosted volunteers from 4 months to 99 years, and all are helpful! We do ask that all volunteers under age 16 are accompanied by an adult. Thank you!

What should volunteers wear?2021-01-12T13:45:41-05:00

Closed-toe shoes (rubber boots work well when it is muddy), clothes that can get dirty and long sleeve shirts as well as layers are recommended to protect your skin from plant irritants, and the sun.

What should volunteers bring?2021-01-12T13:48:58-05:00

We recommend bringing water, sunscreen, and gardening gloves, and rain gear (if rain is likely).  *If you have a medical condition such as asthma or anaphylaxis, please bring your inhaler or epi-pen.

What happens if it rains?2021-01-12T13:49:17-05:00

Volunteer events at the JK Community Farm are rain or shine. If the weather will prohibit the project for the day, Samantha will send an email to all volunteers the evening before the volunteer event.

How does the JK Community Farm get funding?2021-01-12T13:49:49-05:00

As a 501(c)(3), the JK Community Farm relies on the generosity of our community for funding. We receive our funding from grants, foundations, donations, and corporate sponsors. The donation of $35 allows us to grow an additional 2 weeks of food for a person in need.

What do we do when volunteering?2021-02-15T10:27:46-05:00

Each volunteer event begins with a tour of the farm and a review of our mission. We will provide instruction for each volunteer group on how to begin each project. Volunteers will work together planting and harvesting at the JK Community Farm until the project is complete, if we have time remaining, we will bag the harvested produce or more on to planting/harvesting a new crop!

Where do I park?2021-02-18T12:55:25-05:00

The JK Community Farm address is 35516 Paxson Rd, Purcellville, VA 20132. Our gravel lot is located off of Airmont Rd. You will enter through the gate where you see three greenhouse structures, two green sea containers, and our sign. We will be there to greet you!

I do not have any experience with agriculture, may I still help?2021-02-15T10:28:54-05:00

Of course! Many of our volunteers have never planted or harvested before, and that is perfectly fine. We will show you everything you need to know before we begin each activity.

Is there a minimum or maximum size for volunteer groups?2021-01-12T14:29:39-05:00

There is no minimum size. Our farm can host up to 100 volunteers at a time, with current Covid-19 restrictions we are limiting our groups to 60 people. We do ask that group leaders give us an accurate estimate of group size in advance so that we can plan the work for the day.

Is there work available for volunteers with disabilities of physical ailments?2021-01-12T14:30:29-05:00

For general farm tasks, volunteers should be able to stand, kneel, walk on uneven terrain. If you are unsure about your ability to volunteer, please contact Samantha at and she may have an alternate volunteer activity available for you.

Do volunteers need to fill out any forms?2021-02-25T12:08:37-05:00

We ask that all volunteers complete an online registration form prior to the event, as well as a volunteer liability waiver. Parents or guardians are to complete the volunteer waiver for students under 18.

Is lunch available at the JK Community Farm?2021-01-12T14:31:31-05:00

The JK Community Farm does not provide or sell lunch to volunteers. We do invite volunteers to bring their lunch or order from a nearby restaurant to eat at the farm. There is a shelter area with space for volunteers to picnic.

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