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8 October 2020

What is Service Learning? Here’s everything you need to know.

October 8, 2020 If you’ve ever wondered, “What is service learning, and why should my student be doing it?” I understand—you have probably heard it’s beneficial, but maybe your school has yet to implement it. First, let me tell you this: we recognize that every student has different learning styles. Personally, I loved reading, being in class, and taking notes…it was peaceful. But in college, I had a professor who was a [...]

8 September 2020

Purcellville farm is offering socially distanced field trips for kids

September 8, 2020 A farm is a pretty safe place for social distancing, and nonprofit JK Community Farm is offering self-guided farm tours for children and their parents or teachers, with activity guides, and a food education workbook that’s funded by the Junior League of Northern Virginia. The workbook and guides — which can be downloaded ahead of time from the farm’s website — were developed with Virginia’s math, science, health, [...]

3 September 2020

JK Community Farm Offers Field Trips with Age Specific Activities to Enhance Pandemic Distance Learning

September 3, 2020 STERLING, Va. – Starting September 14,  the JK Community Farm (Farm), a 150-acre farm in Purcellville, Virginia that grows crops and livestock and donates them to nonprofits to alleviate hunger, will supplement distance learning by providing a field trip program. Groups will be able to take self-guided tours with tailored programming tied to Virginia Standards of Learning to teach about farming and nutrition. “We are excited to provide [...]

23 July 2020

Community farm feeds thousands impacted by COVID in the DMV

July 23, 2020 WASHINGTON (ABC7) - Food insecurity remains one of the great challenges we face in the COVID-age. ABC7 News has done a number of in-depth stories on this issue as it remains unclear how long people will continue to struggle to find work, afford food and return to the life they once had.  A few years ago, JK Moving helped start a non-profit farm in our area that [...]

1 July 2020

Nation’s Largest Community Farm’s Growing Goals on Target Despite COVID-19

July 1, 2020 JK Community Farm Increases Volunteers for Phase 3 STERLING, Va. – With Phase 3 of Virginia’s reopening plan, JK Community Farm (Farm), an 150-acre farm in Purcellville, Virginia that grows crops and livestock and donates them to nonprofits to alleviate hunger, will be allowing 40 volunteers at a time to help harvest. Despite the pandemic and smaller volunteer groups, the nation’s largest nonprofit community farm is still on [...]

14 May 2020

Meet Samantha Kuhn, whose JK Community Farm ‘Plant-a-Thon’ has taken on greater importance

May 14, 2020 Samantha Kuhn is executive director of the two-employee, 3,000-volunteer JK Community Farm in Purcellville, which is scheduled to host its annual Plant-a-Thon Friday and Saturday. What was the inspiration for JK Community Farm? The JK Community Farm is the cumulation of inspiration from a lot of people, which is what makes it so special. While I was in school at the University of Tennessee, I became interested in food [...]

24 April 2020

JK Community Farm’s 2nd Annual Plant-A-Thon Adapts to Pandemic

April 24, 2020 Corporate Teams and Others Plant to End Hunger PURCELLVILLE, Va. – Hunger is a reality for many in the community; and due to coronavirus, food insecurity is growing exponentially. As food donations from grocery stores to food pantries have diminished, the JK Community Farm has become a lifeline for thousands of families. To support the farm’s work and to help kick off the growing season, the JK Community Farm—which [...]

3 February 2020

JK Community Farm sets goal of 108,000 meals to reduce hunger

February 3, 2020 LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA — JK Community Farm, a 150-acre nonprofit farm in western Loudoun County started in 2018 to help address hunger in the D.C. area, expects to donate 135,000 pounds of food in 2020. The farm also plans to expand its food donations from Northern Virignia into the District of Columbia through a new partnership. The 135,000 pounds of food will be able to provide 108,000 meals [...]

3 February 2020

Acumen Solutions, Baker Tilly, and Infinitive Executives Join JK Community Farm Board

February 3, 2020 Farm Sets 2020 Goals to Alleviate Hunger in DMV STERLING, Va. – JK Community Farm (Farm), a 150-acre farm in Purcellville, Virginia that grows crops and livestock and donates them to nonprofits to alleviate hunger, has announced the addition of three new board members—David Joubran, Brad Nicklin, and Denis MacFarlane—and set its 2020 harvest goals. “We are excited to have amazing representation from the business community on the [...]

6 November 2019

How do we keep our soil healthy?

November 6, 2019 Members of our community continue to let us know how grateful they are that our 150 acre community farm is not a housing development…so are we! But more important to us is that the land is enrolled in a conservation program and we are taking care of our soil. We love the beautiful landscape of Loudoun County and are happy to be preventing land degradation in our county. Land [...]