Interns From Local Businesses Volunteer At JK Community Farm on National Intern Day

JK Interns harvesting at the Farm

August 2, 2022

LOUDOUN NOW – JK Community Farm hosted its annual Intern Day for area companies on Friday.

Businesses were invited to send teams of interns to the farm for teambuilding as well as a chance to give back to the community. Five companies—Infinitive, Northwest Federal Credit Union, Pine Ridge Landscaping, CapRelo and JK Moving—sent around 30 interns for a day of harvesting and caring for crops.

Samantha Kuhn, executive director of the JK Community Farm, met the volunteers with lunch before the heavy lifting began.

She said intern day was an opportunity for the companies JK Community Farm partners with to better understand the impact their support makes on the farm throughout the year.


“Everything is grown beyond organic. We follow regenerative agricultural practices which means we are putting everything back into soil that we are taking out, that way we can keep growing on this land. And we aren’t stripping the soil of its nutrients, so we can provide the most nutrient dense produce to the food pantry’s,” Kuhn said.

She said they are always grateful for the volunteers, like the interns who came out today to help.

“The need is so high, so we are so grateful for the volunteers who can help us make sure the food pantries stay stocked with this fresh food,” said Kuhn.

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