Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday celebrates the charitable season as many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. This global day of giving encourages people to do good, in all acts of giving and is fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

In 2023, the JK Community Farm turned $333,000 raised on Giving Tuesday into the equivalent of 2.1 million dollars of food for our food pantry partners. Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $500,000 to help us increase the varieties of produce we provide to meet the nutritional and cultural needs of our community.

Our food pantry partnerHere’s how your generous donation can help:

Increase Production: With your contribution, we can expand our farming operations to grow more diverse crops, increase the volume of fresh produce, and donate a wide variety of chemical-free, fresh, locally sourced produce including vegetables, fruits, beef, eggs play a vital role in providing essential nourishment to those facing food insecurity, but they often struggle to meet the growing demand for fresh, healthy produce. By supporting the JK Community Farm, you are directly contributing to the fight against hunger, reducing chronic disease, and promoting food security in our community. We have committed ourselves to donate every single pound of our harvest to local food pantries, ensuring that those in need have access to quality food, and herbs.

Enhance Infrastructure: Upgrading our farm’s infrastructure, such as irrigation systems, tools, and storage facilities will help us operate more efficiently and effectively.

Educational Initiatives: We also strive to educate the community about sustainable farming practices, nutrition, and the importance of fresh, locally grown food. Your support can help fund educational programs, field-trips for Title 1 schools and empower our community to grow their own food.

DONATE: Join us this Giving Tuesday (November 28, 2023) to grow your generous donation into healthy meals for families in our community facing food insecurity. We invite you to donate and double your impact as JK Moving Services will be matching all donations to the JK Community Farm – dollar for dollar!

FUNDRAISE: It’s easy to help us fundraise on Giving Tuesday via social media. Please click here to follow some simple steps.

Your donation this Giving Tuesday helps us continue and expand operations at the JK Community Farm. By making a one-time gift or an annual contribution, your generous donation will increase the variety of produce that is grown to provide nutrient-dense food for the food insecure in the DC metro region.


About the JK Community Farm

Our passion is strong. Our mission is clear.

The JK Community Farm was founded with a single, focused goal: To enhance the quality of life for people facing food insecurity. Everything we dedicate ourselves to do – from raising organic fruits, vegetables, and protein, to distributing them to food partners in surrounding counties, to providing nutrition education and furthering respect for the land – is designed to help us meet that goal.

I like to give my kids fresh vegetables and I was worried when I couldn’t really afford them anymore. I’m so glad the food pantry has them for families like mine. My kids really like the green peppers.

JK Community Farm has made a huge difference for so many of us. Not only do food banks have fresh, good looking produce but they have a wide variety of it. It’s exciting to be able to make a variety of seasonal dishes and not the same meals month after month.

Donating to the JK Community Farm is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Roll up your sleeves and join us!