Giving Tuesday 2022

Millions of our neighbors’ struggle with food insecurity – making tough decisions between providing food on the table or gas in their tank. The latest numbers put the food insecure population at nearly 270 million globally. To put that in perspective, that equates to the population of Indonesia. Here in our own communities, 1 in 6 people don’t have enough food for a healthy lifestyle.

This season, the JK Community Farm turned $333,000 raised on Giving Tuesday into the equivalent of $2.1 million dollars of food for our food pantry partners. Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $500,000 to help us increase the varieties of produce we provide to meet the nutritional and cultural needs of our community.

Let’s fight hunger one meal at a time by supporting the JK Community Farm this Giving Tuesday.

To continue and expand operations at the Community Farm, we need your participation. By making a one-time gift or an annual contribution, your generous donation will increase the variety of produce that is grown to meet the nutritional and cultural needs of the community. Join us in our mission to provide nutrient-dense food for the food insecure in the DC metro region.

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