A Letter to our volunteers

The JK Community Farm would like to take a moment to deviate from our regular blog format to thank all of the wonderful volunteers who helped us have a successful first season. Thank you for sharing your time, your talents, and for helping us reach our goals. Thank you for surrounding us with your smiles, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn.

In our first season, we hosted over 1,000 volunteers who served over 3,000 volunteer hours! We are so grateful to everyone who devoted their personal time to help provide fresh, nutritious food to people in need. Seeing volunteers of all ages enjoy getting their hands dirty and working hard to help members of their community is an incredible experience. Our volunteers have shown such mindfulness and generosity. We have watched volunteering serve a distinct purpose, as it has helped our community become healthier, more conscious, and more compassionate.

The JK Community Farm would not be possible without the donation of funds and time from you. We hope that you realize, seemingly small things can make a big difference, a few pounds of peppers, a basket of spinach— it all adds up. Without your support, we would not have been able to provide 25,000 meals this season for the food insecure.

Early this spring, our farm was a bare field. You helped us plant, and harvest over 30,000 lbs of produce for people in our community who do not know where their next meal is coming from. You picked tomatoes in 100 degree temps, dug for sweet potatoes in the mud and rain, and harvested kale, and turnips in the snow.

Think of how kindness and service makes you feel and continue to move out into the world from there.

Thank you for your help, kindness, compassion, and caring. We hope to see you next season!

The JK Community Farm